Vikas Manocha Technology Consulting 
Specification & Architecture | Design & Development | Datacenter Operations | Outsourcing | Teaching & Mentoring

The following are the broad categories of services that we offer:

Specification & Architecture
We can can help you in the product specification and high-level architecture development. Vikas has extensive experience in these areas having architected various types of products and services.

Design & Development
At Vikas Manocha Technology Consulting, we are focused on building reliable, secure, fault-tolerant and scalable products, working towards the ultimate software nirvana – bug-free software. We can independently take on the full design, development & testing of your product/project or work as an integral part to your team.

Datacenter Operations
We have experience operating multiple datacenters, achieving 100% uptime, and have setup globally and locally load-balanced datacenters from scratch, capable of handling an average of 10 million transactions per day. We can help you in your strategic operations needs, as you build or revamp your datacenter.

Vikas brings a unique perspective to outsourcing - having knowledge and experience of both sides of software outsourcing world. We can guide you in your outsourcing strategy and help you in the evaluation and engagement of the vendor that is right for your needs.

Teaching & Mentoring
Vikas loves to share his skills & experience with other people. We are available to teach & mentor teams either in a formal classroom type of environment or via other informal ways.

Please feel free to contact Vikas for any of the above or other custom software or technology needs that you may have.